First blog post

Welcome to Stars in the Void 2.0!


Well, I’ve learned my lesson. is not reliable. Hopefully I can access it at some point in the near future and get my stuff from it, but until then I’ll just start from scratch.


So, this will be my first blog post!

Welcome! I am Faye, an eclectic pagan with strong ties to a few Hellenic deities, but I study many pantheons. I’m a photographer, writer, wannabe crafter, gardening novice, perpetual student, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and hobbyist foodie.

This blog will be a collection of research, musing, experiences, recipes, music, and general pagan and witchcraft related posts. I hope to be informative and thought provoking, though I may come across as cheesy and boring instead. That’s a bridge I’ll just have to cross when I come to it.