I hate writing these, I have no problems answering questions about myself when asked, but I really don’t know what to offer first. That said, ask me anything!

The Name: I wanted a name that could both describe me and be a play on words. Faye Cat = Fake it (til you make it) and Faye is part of my given name. The “cat” comes from growing up around them as well as being born into the year of the cat/rabbit (depending on who you ask).

The Woman: I’m slowly working my way towards being a business owner. If I could, I’d be in college forever because I love the learning environment and I want to learn it all. I have an associates degree in photography. I have three little boys and have been with my husband almost nine years. We share the house with our emo cat Zeus.

The Pagan: I started studying paganism when I started college in 2006. Since then, I have studied in a various capacities many different religions and paths. I currently identify as eclectic pagan devoted to Haides and Persephone.

The Blog: “Stars in the Void” is my attempt to contribute to the pagan community and foster relationships. By putting my experiences and (semblances) of knowledge out there, I hope to encourage both other individuals and dialogue about our journeys. The title was chosen because stars have always resonated with me, and make sense in my current path as a way of thought process, wishes, dreams, and information. The void comes about from one of the hymns of Haides that says the void is where he rules, and since Haides has always been with me, I felt it was appropriate.