Yesterday had all the makings of a bad day.

I woke up late, got stuck in the bathroom. My sister in law was in the hospital after having her baby, and her husband (my brother) was deployed until next week, so I had to go check on their dogs and then make it to the hospital to take some photos before going to work. My kids were absolutely not cooperating getting dressed, which makes us getting out the door even later. As we were gathering up and getting ready to walk out the door, the beautiful crochet Persephone my dear friend Annorah made caught my eye. Without even thinking about it, I reached out and “booped” “her” right on the nose, and off we went!

I dropped my kids off at my parents, realized I forgot my camera bag, and had to go back to the house to get it. On the way to my house, my gas light came on so I had to stop and get gas. I had just left the very full gas station to get to my house when I realized I didn’t have the key to my brother’s house, it was at my parents! So I immediately turned around and went to get it, thinking I could feed the dogs then get the camera bag if they still wanted pictures and well, if I was late to work, I would just have to deal with it.

While letting the dogs eat, I got a text from my sister in law saying yes, she would still like the pictures, and oh by the way my camera bag was in the room. Wait, what?

Yup, apparently after swinging by there last night I had left it there. Good thing I hadn’t looked for it at the house, I would have freaked out!

Getting to the hospital, my new niece was in such a quiet mood, and because I had adjusted the settings last night, the camera was ready to go and we got some great shots. By the time we were done and I was in my car ready to go to work, I was right on schedule and by the time I got to work, I was early for my shift.

In addition, despite leaving work at rush hour on one of the crappiest interstate roads, I made it home in great time AND people let me merge without an issue. It was an absolutely fantastic day.

I am convinced it was Persephone’s doing.

When I booped that little doll, I had a split second of “Oh, why did I do that”? because I’m an awkward ball of stress. However, I think Persephone was a bit taken back as well, but then she sensed something about the gesture and was amused.

You know what she sensed?

Sincerity. I wanted to honor her, acknowledge her, and while it was unconventional, I was sincere in that moment.

And in my experience, sincere belief will always be rewarded by the gods.